1. Vision:
    - By pioneer desire, investment strategies and long-term development, DPE wish we would become the leader of our industry: industrial boilers – pressure tanks – LPG tanks – storage tank – pipeline.
    - DPE desire to create a strong national branch and expand to the world in the future.  

2. Mission:

    - For the market:Supply best and different products and service
    - For customers:Get economic value to customers through saving fuel products.
    - For social: Participate in protect live environment  

3. Core value:

     - Customers are our priority who are affected all our decision and company business strategies.
     - Trust and quality will determine company existence.  

4. Company culture
    - Culture is the root of development, DPE will build a unique business and take realistic action becomes our target.
    - Respect individual opinions, prioritize creative ideas of the rest of workers.
    - Organize meeting twice a month in order to listen and collect creative ideas, opinions; in other hand, we find the ways to adapt and deal with difficulty.
    - Organize summer vacations, new year’s vacation for increasing team relationship, sharing collective spirit.  

5. Business philosophy:

    - DPE business philosophy is: “Instead of looking for reasons for the failure–we have to find way to success”    
    - Losers always spend time finding reason for their failure in order to blame for their weakness. In other hand, the winners try their bestto find the way to success.